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New Delhi, India. Jan 31.

Poor Civic Conditions in Delhi Like That of a Backward District of BJP Ruled Uttar Pradesh Says BJP Minister Vijay Goel

Union Minister Vijay Goel on Wednesday said that the poor civic conditions in Delhi’s Sadar Bazar area are like that of a backward district of Uttar Pradesh.

Goel’s, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rules both the state of Uttar Pradesh and the parliamentary constituency of Sadar Bazar.

Goel was addressing a gathering of old Delhi’s traders and shopkeepers, who were protesting the ongoing sealing drive by BJP-led municipal corporations.

“Delhi ka haal dekha hai aapne? Taarein (cables and wires) jhool rahi hain, koi makaan upar jaa raha, koi neeche aa raha hai, aisa lagta hai kisi Uttar Pradesh ke pichde huye kasbe mein khade huye hain, yeh Sadar Delhi ki shaan tha!”

(Have you seen the condition of Delhi? Wires are swinging, houses are in bad condition. It seems like we are standing in some backward district (Kasba) of Uttar Pradesh. Sadar was the pride of Delhi),” the Union Minister said while addressing the gathering.

Goel represented the Sadar Bazar constituency in Lok Sabha from 1996 to 1998.

Hundreds of Delhi’s businessmen have been affected due to massive sealing drive of, what authorities say, the residential properties being used for commercial purposes.

With inputs from ANI

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