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Ramdev disagrees with Vinay Katiyar’s hate speech against Muslims

Yoga instructor Ramdev on Wednesday said that Kashmiris should be rebellious in the way he was. Ramdev was responding to Vinay Katiyar’s comments about Muslims.

“I don’t agree with Vinay Katiyar because Muslims have equal right to live in this country. This country equally belongs to Jain, Buddhists, Dalits, Sikhs, and Christians. It is not right to differentiate people based on religions”, Ramdev told ANI.

Vinay Katiyar who is the founder of Bajrang Dal, the youth wing of Hindu outfit Viswa Hindu Parishad had said that Muslims should leave India and go to Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Ramdev then urged the youths of Kashmir to be rebels like him and not anti-nationals. His rebellion was ‘within the parameters of the Constitution,’ and not against the country, he said.

“I was also a rebel. My revolt was not against the country, it was against superstitions and exploitation. One should become rebel like me within the parameters of the Constitution. I request the youths of Kashmir to become rebel like me and not anti-nationals,” he said.

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