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New Delhi

Travelyaari Launches Latest Mobility Solution app ‘Maven’

India’s leading bus booking platform Travelyaari has announced the launch of MAVEN, its latest Mobility Solution for Bus Transport Industry.

Developed to overcome the limitations of a desktop-only service, the MAVEN app will facilitate greater operational digitization for bus service providers and help them overcome the hassles caused due to the lack of an efficient information tracking and system access to support critical processes.

It ensures the availability of last minute bus inventory and easy bookings and cancellations by bus conductors for travellers who make bookings on-the-go things which were earlier usually done manually by issuing paper tickets.

The app has the potential to make the entire location tracking process digitised. Drivers and conductors can start the trip from the app and the same can be tracked across all the products of Mantis Technologies like and Travelyaari APP.

This would narrow the dependence on GPS hardware devices considerably, thus making the process more methodical. Conductors can access the Passenger Chart List directly from MAVEN App which will have real time data as against a standard printout which is generally taken hours before the departure of the bus. It will also help in avoiding duplication of seats if they are issued at the same time.

“The solution is designed for both intercity and intracity transport network taking bus traveling experience and security to the next level,” said founder and CEO, Travelyaari, Aurvind Lama.

The app also helps in the ease of transactions, tracking payments, and accessing billing information online.


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