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Beijing, China

China Sees Rise in Luxury Pet-Hotel Demand

With time, the demand for luxury pet hotels, dog spas, and pet massages has seen a considerable rise in China.

Nowadays, people don’t just satisfy themselves by taking care of their pets’ basic needs, but as the population is getting wealthier, they are looking for better services for their furry friends.

As per the recent collected date published in the South China Morning Post, last year, Chinese consumers spent some 17.5 billion yuan (US$2.8 billion) on their pets.

Surprisingly the figure is expected to rise to 46.3 billion yuan by 2022, according to Euromonitor.

As the pet owners are pampering their pets with the best, imported, products, the extravagant pet services have become increasingly common in the country.

As per an owner of a luxury spa, some people just want to have pets instead of a baby.

Apart from this, homemade food for pets is also in demand here.

The average customer spends roughly 600 yuan per month, which includes the cost of the food; delivery is free and customers receive complimentary treats and bones.


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