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Mumbai, Maharashtra

Rahul’s visits to religious places strategy of ‘soft Hinduism’: Shiv Sena
The Shiv Sena on Thursday claimed that Congress president Rahul Gandhi increasing association with Hindus has shaken the political ground of Bhartiya Janata Party in the electoral state Karnataka.
The similar strategy was followed by Congress during the Gujarat elections against Bhartiya Janata Party.
In the editorial page of its mouthpiece Saamna, the party highlighted Rahul Gandhi’s recent visits to both Hindu and Muslim religious places in Karnataka and termed it as a strategy of ‘soft Hinduism’ by Congress.
The party said, “If Congress accepts and propagates Hinduism, then BJP will not be left with any counter-issue.”
It further quoted the BJP candidate for the post of Chief Minister in Karnataka B. S. Yeddyurappa saying, “Rahul Gandhi consumed non-vegetarian food before visiting the temple” as it pointed towards the practice of mud-slinging by both BJP and Congress.
It criticised the parties for hurting the religious sentiments of different communities for the sake of winning the state assembly elections.
It further said that instead of focusing on ‘food politics’ the parties should discuss more important issues.
It criticized Yeddyurappa for instances of violence inflicted upon the Marathi-speaking community in Karnataka under his leadership in the state.
The party further said that the BJP and Congress have stooped too low to claim certain electoral gains.

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