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Hoda Katebi, a Muslim fashion blogger has, in a TV show exposed the Islamophobia of American media and TV. The Iranian-American was told during a segment on Chicago’s ‘WGN News’ that she did not ‘sound American’ when she expressed her views.
Her immediate response to this was to chuckle and say ‘that’s because I’ve read,’ a reply that quickly turned into a meme on internet.
She then went on to say that, “I think it is important that we look beyond these really simple narratives that we are told whether it’s about Muslim women, whether it’s about the legacy of this country. This country was literally built on the backs of Black slaves and after the genocide of the indigenous people.”
The interview started off with Katebi’s childhood in Oklahoma, and her experience as a hijab wearing Muslim woman in US. But host Robin Baumgarten decided that it was appropriate to ask her about nuclear weapons and Iran. (Iran does not possess nuclear weapons.) Katebi laughed and gave the befitting reply on live TV. She later took to her blog to write more about the incident. “I don’t think I would have gotten the same question if I was white – despite being born and raised in this country,” she told the Guardian.
“So hindsight is always 20/20, and I honestly should have just stopped him right there and questioned why he thought it was okay to make this ridiculous comment and pose it as a question…” she wrote in her blog JooJoo Azad.
She was on the show to talk about bridging the gap between America and the Middle East through fashion and being an American hijab wearing Muslim and discussed being physically assaulted for wearing her hijab starting in the sixth grade in Oklahoma.
Katebi was called for an interview on her book, Tehran Street Style, and her blog. It was aired live on January 31.

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