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Canadian Firms Want India’s Business, While the Liberals Want Indo-Canadian Votes


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s India visit seems to be part of a plan to tap the Indo-Canadian votes.

In an article published in the CBC News, titled as ‘Trudeau’s India mission mixes global business with local politics’, senior journalist Evan Dyer emphasised that Canadian Prime Minister not only wants to grow business ties with India but is also looking for the Indo-Candian votes.

Dyer, in his article, quoted former premier of British Columbia as saying that a two-way trade between Canada and India amounts to only about USD 8 billion annually. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hopes to improve this figure with the state visit.

“Trade still doesn’t amount to much,” he said. “Since the time I was premier, prime ministers and premiers have been going over and yet trade just hasn’t grown as much as it could.”

In a bid to grow the trade relations between the two nations, Trudeau has multiple meetings planned with Indian CEOs and business leaders over the coming days.

Dosanjh further noted that it is even more surprising as Canada is home to about 1.4 million citizens who can trace their roots in India.

“The people-to-people links just haven’t translated into strong economic links,” said Dosanjh. “You’ve got grains and pulses, some pulp. But India’s needs are mostly met by other markets.”

Trudeau’s visit is only limited to the metropolitan cities, but the places Trudeau will visit are the centres of Indian politics, culture, and religion as his government is well aware that the Indo-Canadian votes are no longer as reliably Liberal as they once might have been.

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