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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Now sneakers that are Maoist. Well, almost.

Nepal’s Goldstar sneakers are undergoing a revival in the Himalayan country after it was long tagged as the Maoist Guerrillas choice of footwear.

According to the Arab News, the stigma attached to the shoes is fading as Nepalis are supporting their locally made products due to which Goldstars saw a 30 percent jump in sales in 2017.

Goldstars shoes were worn by the insurgents during Nepal’s decade-long civil war.

Recently, wearing these shoes in Nepal is kind of being a part of a revolution. Many celebrities in the country are promoting the shoes, once worn by the Guerrillas and some of them have also posted their collection of Goldstars shoes on social media.

Earlier in December 2017, Kiran Shoe Manufacturers, the producer, marketer, and distributor of renowned Nepali shoes unveiled a one-of-its-kind promotional campaign for Goldstar shoes.

Goldstar has been a brand parallel to Nepali identity and corresponds to Nepali sentimentality, Kiran Shoe Manufacturers said in a press statement

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