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New Delhi

Piyush Goyal Assures Simpler Railway Procurement Process

Railway and Coal Minister Piyush Goyal on Thursday spoke about making procurement process in the Railways simpler and effective.

He also informed about age relaxation and other changes made in the recruitment process.

“There are many issues related to approval process and speed of approval in Railways, which all are being looked at holistically by the government to make them more robust and simpler,” Goyal said while addressing a press conference at Suppliers Samvad in New Delhi.

“Railways will give a letter of credit to companies which supply goods worth more than Rs 10 lakh. We are planning to make procurement process much simpler and effective, giving us far more competitive prices and expanding the supplier base of the Railways,” he added.

Further pointing out at the railway recruitment, Goyal noted, “Railways has decided for this exam, there is no insistence on ITI or NTC qualification for the entire group D, we are reverting back to the criteria which were existing earlier”.

“All the changes, we are doing in railway recruitment- as a lot of candidates were not qualified to apply, so we gave age relaxation, brought availability to give exams in regional languages,” he noted.

Further hailing over Railways’ service towards passengers, Goyal said, “Railways have received a very good response from all the suppliers and we hope going forward this supply chain will become even more robust.”

The Ministry of Railways organised “Suppliers’ Samvad – Journey towards Digitisation, Transparency and Ease of Doing Business” in association with RITES limited and The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India (ASSOCHAM) here in the capital.

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