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Instagram’s global community team to be eliminated
The global promoter segment of popular photo and video sharing app, Instagram, will soon be dissolved, the makers said.
As part of a reorganisation drive, the company will be dissolving its global community team, which worked to deepen ties with photographers and promote the service around the world.
In lieu of this, about 12 jobs currently located in cities around the world will be eliminated, with affected employees being offered jobs elsewhere at Instagram or at its parent company, Facebook, The Verge reported.
It further quoted a former employee stating that the move was designed to eliminate duplicate efforts among some members of the team and consolidate the company’s marketing and communications efforts into a single team.
As part of its efforts, the global team chaired meetups and other marketing events, and also handled localised accounts in Russia, Japan, France, Germany, and Brazil, where they curated content based on the native language of the country.
However, the operations of this team had phased out in the last few months, with a significant reduction in the number of posts. Therefore, Instagram announced the termination of this team, thereby channelising greater focus to marketing efforts on the primary corporate account

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