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Dublin, Ireland

Winky Lux unveils its coffee make-up collection

Popular cosmetics brand Winky Lux are well-known for their fragrant flower-filled lip balms and their colour-changing lipsticks.

This time again, they have gone one step ahead of others by tempting fashion freak women with their latest collection.

Winky Lux have recently unveiled their Coffee Collection range. Each product is also named after the brew. As you get aroused by the smell of the coffee, it will leave you mesmerised and tantalising.

First up is the Coffee Palette, which includes a nine matte, satin and shimmer shades from brown to Sienna, a reddish-brown colour. It costs around 20 pounds.

Then there are two bronzers that are available to purchase- Latte, which will give you a subtle, slightly-bronzed, post-vacation glow, and Mocha which gives you the final touch, costing around 16 pounds.

The coffee-infused product has been described as a “moisture powerhouse” which gently hydrates and soothes all skin types, according to Winky Lux.

The great thing about this coffee-make up collection is that it is a multi-use product. It can be applied in the mornings to serve as a primer. At night, it can be applied to help nourish your skin while you are sleeping.

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