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Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mumbaikars to Burn Nirav Modi’s Effigy
Mumbaikars have found a unique way to celebrate the festival of Holi and also to vent out their ire against Nirav Modi of Nirav Modi Scam.
The residents of BDD Chawl in Mumbai’s Worli area have created a 58-feet high effigy of Nirav Modi, symbolising the evil character of Holika, to burn it as a part of the festival’s tradition.
On the day before the main festival of Holi, people burn woods to fend off the evil and welcome goodness by playing with colours the next day.
The residents have said that the effigy was not created by any an ace artist, but was made by the residents themselves.
“Since the past eight years, residents of this Chawl have been replicating contemporary social issues during their Holi celebrations,” said a resident here.
The residents have also considered the environmental factor in mind and have made the giant structure by using less wood and more of dry grass.
Organisers also claimed that it is the highest Holi replica in India this year.
The residents are also planning to contact Limca Book of records to get this registered.

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