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Washington D.C.

Nor’easter Cyclone Wreaks Havoc (Representational image)
The powerful nor’easter, which is intensifying rapidly, is becoming a ‘bomb cyclone’, as it hammered the East Coast on Friday, with howling winds, drenching rain, some snow and surging waves.
The storm that is being termed as ‘bombogenesis’ by the American media was clocking wind gusts over 50 mph (80 kmh).
The Boston branch of the National Weather Service (NWS) issued warming, saying, this is a life and death situation.
“Take this storm seriously!” the National Weather Service’s Boston office warned via Twitter. “This is a LIFE & DEATH situation for those living along the coast, especially those ocean-exposed shorelines.”
Several American airlines have cancelled more than 2000 flights due to the situation.
The majority of cancellations were tracked down to Logan International in Boston, Philadelphia International, and the three major New York-area airports-LaGuardia, Newark and JFK.
“A powerful winter storm could bring winds in excess of 50mph in the Northeast, including the NYC area. 300 flights have been proactively canceled Thurs night & Fri. Check or the Fly Delta mobile app for your latest flight status” tweeted Delta Airlines.
According to reports, Boston Harbor, which only saw tides as high as 15 feet twice since 1978, is scheduled to experience three times the size.
Weather agencies reported that the storm could easily deliver up to a foot of snow in the states of New York, Pennsylvania and parts of northern New England, with hurricane-strength winds possible near Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
“Our members are out on the roadways to respond to accidents and crashes, and answer calls during the duration of the storm. Remember to drive slowly and with caution. Everything takes longer on snow-covered roads. Also, if you really don’t have to go out, don’t. Be safe!” tweeted New York State Police to those in trouble.
Reports of passengers throwing up in planes during descent in this stormy weather came in, as America’s Aviation Weather service tweeted that a pilot reported that while in flight it was pretty “BUMPY ON DESCENT. PRETTY MUCH EVERY ONE ON THE PLANE THREW UP. PILOTS WERE ON THE VERGE OF THROWING UP.”
According to, a total of 9,951 flights were delayed, a majority of them due to this ongoing storm wreaking havoc in the eastern coast.
The US Coastguard has also sent out warnings to major coastal cities of heavy flooding.
Schools in Washington DC were shutdown in order to deal with the erratic weather.

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