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Counting of Votes for 3 North-Eastern States Begins

Seems like the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its alliance Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT) is set to push back Left surge in Tripura as the mid trend shows the former leading on 37 seats.

The ruling Communist Party of India (Marxist) is trailing behind with a 17 seat-lead in the state.

While Nagaland has become a neck and neck battleground between the BJP- Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) alliance and Naga Peoples Front (NPF), Meghalaya is seeing Congress in the lead.

In Nagaland, both the BJP-NDPP alliance and the NPF have registered a lead on 16 seats each.

Meanwhile in Meghalaya, Congress is struggling to retain its majority by taking a lead on 21 seats, as the BJP- National People’s Party (NPP) alliance is closely following with a lead on 20 seats.

Tripura went to polls on February 18, while voting in Meghalaya and Nagaland took place on February 27.


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