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New Delhi

Delhi: Over 9000 People Booked for Traffic Violations on Holi

The Delhi traffic police on Friday booked 9305 people for various traffic violations till 4 pm in Delhi on the occasion of the Hindu festival of Holi.

Out of the total, 1,918 cases of drunken driving were registered, mostly in the southern part of the city.

People violating traffic rules on the day of Holi are usually high in number.

Last year, the traffic police issued around 11,000 challans for various traffic violations.

The Delhi Police had made elaborate security arrangements to maintain law and order during the festival. The festival in which people smear each other with colour has been a pretext for sexual violence and hooliganism for long. The arrests happen a day after complaints were made by women that semen filled balloons were thrown against them during the festival.


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