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Hyderabad, Telangana

YouTube Fanfest for the First Time in Hyderabad

Celebrating the amazing success of YouTube content creators from Hyderabad, YouTube Yoda recognised the fastest growing online creators from Hyderabad, who have captured the imagination of audiences all across India and abroad on its platform.

YouTube congratulated some of the fastest growing Telugu language content creators like VIVA, Mahathalli, Kantri guyz, Kiraak Hyderabadiz, Shanmukh Jaswanth who have got an entire new generation of audience hooked onto their content and inspiring new creators to get behind the camera and take center stage.

The YouTube fanfest kicked off Saturday evening.

Satya Raghavan, head of entertainment, YouTube in India speaking with media said, “The YouTube fan was first started in the year 2014 in India. It is the first time that the event is organised in Hyderabad. Basically we want to create a magic on the stage where the creators will be part of it. Bringing YouTube fanfest to Hyderabad is our way of recognising and celebrating the success of our content creators and putting them on a stage in front of thousands of their screaming fans.”

Melvin Louis, a dance choreographer, speaking with media said, “I started this channel after I was taking a break from dance. I started a dance class and thought why I can’t show my talent to everyone and teach them as well, so thinking about it I started a channel where I got huge response and followers. Last time, I performed in Mumbai for the YouTube fan fest where huge crowd applauded me and through which my followers list has increased. I feel YouTube is the best platform to showcase your talent. I have experienced it through the mails which I get from my followers.”

VIVA Sabarish speaking with media said, “Viva started its journey in 2013 with a short film name VIVA. We create a unique signature flavour in humour and witty punchlines and are widely applauded for its presentation and range of topics chosen from college humour.”


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