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Postman, the only complete API Development Environment, today announced the release of Postman Enterprise, a plan designed specifically to address the additional security and support needs of enterprise customers.

Postman Enterprise builds upon the rich features of Postman Pro, including Workspaces that make organizing and managing multiple API development teams simple and secure.

“Postman Enterprise enables efficiency for any project size, covering the complete API development cycle with transparency and deep team collaboration,” said Ike Kotlyarsky, Java Full-stack Application Developer at BMW North America. “Job well done!”

Customers can benefit from these features available in Postman Enterprise:

? Single Sign-On (SSO): SSO provides Postman Enterprise customers with an easier and more secure method to manage their team members’ access to the API development work within the company’s Postman instance by using the customer’s existing identity management solution. Postman Enterprise currently supports multiple SSO providers – Okta, OneLogin, Duo, Ping Identity, AD FS, and GSuite – and will add new providers regularly based on customer need.

? Audit Logs: Enterprises need visibility into their developer teams. With audit logs, Postman Enterprise admins can review key activities related to billing, security, and team management, such as increasing team size, adding a team member, or updating custom authorization.

? Static IP for Monitoring: Customers can use the static IP feature along with Postman monitoring while complying with their company’s security policy. This enterprise-only feature allows customers to test IPs securely behind a firewall by white listing a single static IP address to use for API monitoring.

? Extended Support and Billing: Dedicated support, on-boarding, and billing options are a key differentiator of Postman Enterprise. While Postman Pro (Postman’s first paid plan, released in 2016) has been hugely popular with its self-serve purchase process, these additional options are appreciated by larger organizations with more structured policies around procurement, provisioning and ongoing customer success.

“Enterprises want the option for their developers to use Postman but within a secure and enterprise-controlled environment,” said Abhinav Asthana, Postman’s CEO and co-founder. “These organizations now have the option to make all of their API development faster, easier, and better with Postman Enterprise.”

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