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Uber Apologises for Inconvenience Caused to Passenger due to Strike


Transport aggregators Uber on Monday expressed regret over the inconvenience caused to the passengers due to the strike called on by ‘some cab drivers’ and stressed that the company remains committed to serve the city.

“We remain committed to serving the city, ensuring driver partners can continue to access stable earning opportunities while giving riders a convenient option to get around their city,” said a spokesperson for the company.

The company also welcomed the injunction of the Bombay High Court prohibiting unions and their leaders from obstructing the activities of Uber driver partners.

He also hoped that the decision of the court will enable drivers to stay behind the wheel.

“While the authorities have taken steps to ensure minimal disruption to our rider and driver communities, we hope that they will continue to enforce the order passed by the High Court,” the spokesperson said.

The company also said that the strike has only affected Mumbai and Pune and the business is as usual in other cities, including Delhi-NCR and Bangalore.

Cab prices were at an all-time high today as an indefinite strike, called on by MNS’ transport wing, Maharashtra Navnirman Vahtuk Sena, is being held by both Ola and Uber drivers, affiliated to the MNVS.

The drivers are reportedly agitated over non-payment of assured income and alleged they incurred heavy losses due to a shortage of funds.

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