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UP Board Students Resort to Bribery

The fear of failure is so high among students taking the Uttar Pradesh Board examinations that some of them turned to desperate measures like attaching notes on their answer sheets.

Currency notes of Rs 100, Rs 50 and Rs 500 were found in answer sheets during the checking of 12th board examination papers in Firozabad district.

The teachers said, “Students, whose exams did not go well, are attaching currency notes in the examination papers to bribe us. We are giving marks only on merit. None of us are accepting the money found in the answer sheets.”

Another thing that came to light was that the CCTV cameras that were installed inside the examination centres were not working as their connection wires were damaged. When teachers were asked about the same, they refused to comment on it.

Recently, in a related but different episode, a video went viral, wherein a miscreant brandishing gun can be seen inside an examination hall for facilitating the students to cheat.

The incident took place at Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar University in Agra. Vice-Chancellor Dr Arvind Kumar Dixit said that the matter would be probed with the help of administration and police force.

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