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IFS Probationer Manhandled in Rajkot

An Indian Forest Service (IFS) probationer was allegedly beaten up by unknown persons in Gujarat’s Rajkot, while he was on an official tour to West India.

IFS probationer of 2017 batch, Vipin Kumar Singh, along with his colleagues was travelling from Ahmedabad from Sasan when the incident took place.

“On our last day, we were going to Ahmedabad from Sasan when the bus took stop at a petrol pump. I had to smoke so I went a little away when a boy suddenly came. He asked me to go away. I told him it’s a public place and he went away. While returning to the bus, I heard someone coming from behind and I saw him coming with another man. He slapped me and hit my head with a stick which had rings on it,” Singh told media.

“I started bleeding but he didn’t stop. I went to the bus where people helped me. My colleagues went to inquire about the situation when a car struck them by full force. Three people were seriously injured,” he added.

One of his colleagues fractured his back while the other suffered memory loss from the severe blow, Singh said.

None of the culprits has been nabbed yet.

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