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After Facing Flak, HDFC Removes Iron Spikes

Following the outrage over iron spikes installed on the pavement of an HDFC Bank branch in Mumbai, the bank on Tuesday assured that they would be removed immediately.

“We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to the public by the installation of the spikes at our Fort Branch, as part of the recent renovation. We’re having the spikes removed on priority,” the bank tweeted.

HDFC bank drew flak for installing multiple rows of iron spikes outside their Fort Branch here, which many saw as a move to prevent homeless people from sleeping on the pavements in the busy metropolis.

A number of individuals posted photos of, what looked like a bed of nails, on social media platforms. Some flagged up caution regarding the potential harm the spikes could cause to pedestrians, particularly to elderly people and children.

A Twitter user tagged HDFC Bank and said “This photo is of your newly opened branch at MG Road Fort Mumbai, besides Fabindia. Nice modern branch. BUT Why these hideous spikes? What if a kid/ elderly or physically disabled person falls on them and gets seriously hurt? May lead to very bad PR disaster.”

“An eye-catching response to Mumbai’s homelessness crisis from HDFC Bank (Fort branch),” another user tweeted.

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