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500 Person on Oliver Cabells Waitlist for Runner Collection

Oliver Cabell is soon going to launch a retro-style runner, Rennes, which is created in collaboration with British designer Cole Buxton.

The retro-style runner is set to be launched on April 17 for which there is a long 500-person waitlist on its online website.

It is a limited selection of 50 pairs and it’s the first time that for a brand such a long queue has been lined up online.

But it’s not exactly out of the ordinary for the Oliver Cabell team, who have been dealing with eyebrow-raising demand for their product since they introduced transparently priced bags and leather goods as their first products just two years ago.

As per the founder of Oliver Cabell, Scott Gabrielson, the collection is expected to showcase 22 prototypes and 3D-printed shoes made from recycled water bottles.

The products are manufactured in the Marche region of Italy.

A small catalog of around nine to ten silhouettes made up of unique materials is featured in the collection.

New collections are unveiled in the “drop of the week” model where each week a new model of the show shall be launched.

In order to replace the hazards of water wastage in developing leather products, Gabrielson along with his team developed 3D-printed sneaker made out of recycled water bottles, which will be revealed later this year

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