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From the protest in College Street, Kolkata, against Asifa Banu rape. (Picture: Sudeshna Dutta Gupta via Facebook)

Protest gatherings were held in various parts of the city as the outrage over rape and murder of Asifa Banu continued in the country.

At Nandan, in front of the Ambedkar statue, protestors burnt Manusmriti, one of the Hindu texts used to propagate hatred against women. Lit candles were held with placards saying ‘Justice for Asifa’ in front of Press Club, Kolkata. Gatherings and speeches were held in College Street as well.

Manusmriti being burnt at Nandan, Kolkata (Picture: Sudeshna Dutta Gupta via Facebook)

Asifa Banu, an 8 year old Muslim girl was abducted, raped and murdered in Kathua in January. She was drugged and kept captive in a Hindu temple where she was repeatedly raped. Her body was abandoned in the forest after the murder. Widespread protests had erupted in the country after things escalated following the arrest of 8 accused in the case. The motive, as per the chargesheet filed by the police and according to one of the accused is stated to be to drive away the Muslim nomadic tribe of Bakerwals from the land owned by Hindus. Following the arrest, right wing Hindu groups had taken out rallies in support of the accused. Among the arrested are two police officers who tried to bury the case. Hindu lawyers of the court had disrupted the filing of the chargesheet and had called for a bandh (shut down).


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