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Ajinomoto Helps Develop Good Taste Among Food Enthusiasts in Thailand

When people visit food markets in Thailand, there is very good chance of finding many varieties of Ajinomoto.

And, it must be surprise for some to know that this product originated in Japan.

It is Ajinomoto, the umami seasoning which has been used in Thailand for years.

Established in 1960, Ajinomoto Thailand is receiving an overwhelming response from the market and food industries. The Ajinomoto Group produces and sells various seasonings and processed foods in more than 130 countries and regions globally.

A retail shop owner said, “Ajinomoto had been sold before I was born. We are selling Ajinomoto to many different kinds of customers. There is an especially great demand for it from noodle restaurants, fried food restaurants, and hot-pot restaurants.”

Umami seasoning is not only loved in home cooking, but it is also used widely by food industries in Thailand.

Using Ajinomoto seasonings for each dish is one of the basic steps for cooking for many chefs.

A restaurant owner said, “I am sure that most of the restaurants in Thailand are using Ajinomoto seasonings. By using umami seasonings, we can add more flavor to any meal we cook, and we can create good harmonization with many kinds of ingredients. Our restaurant is also using Ajinomoto in every menu. It is now very familiar taste to us.”

Ajinomoto is also known as reliable product in terms of food safety. The ingredients used are 100 per cnet natural cassava and sugar cane which are all grown in Thailand.

Through the process of fermentation, which has similar process to making cheese and yogurt from milk, the products are carefully packed, and thoroughly inspected, then delivered to various food markets.

The products made from natural components means that it can be enjoyed by infants, pregnant women, and vegetarians without having to worry about any problems.

This is also one of the big reasons to be loved by people for such long time.

Another restaurant owner said, “Ajinomoto is very popular product here and can be used by all generations. I am very sure that our restaurant will still be using Ajinomoto seasonings in the future.”

Regardless of generations, Ajinomoto products have been supporting various food industries through improving their taste and quality. It is also promoting healthier lifestyle for people.

The experienced production skills born in Japan continue to contribute to people’s basic life and culture in Thailand through taste of harmony

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