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Rinnai Contributes to Energy Situation and Environment of Cambodia

Bring a developing nation Cambodia is facing a surge in demand for energy.

Rinnai Corporation, a leading Japanese manufacturer developing various water heating devices, contributes to the energy situation and environment of Cambodia.

Camcona trading sells Rinnai products products such as electric water heaters, solar water heaters and gas water heaters. These products are mainly used in restaurants, fitness clubs and hotels.

Elida Kimsrun, an official representing Camcona Trading, said, “Rinnai provides total water solutions. Products range from gas water heaters, to electric and solar water heaters. Rinnai can provide solutions for hot water to match every requirement our clients have. In Cambodia, the cost of electricity is very high and about twice as much as that of gas when comparing the two. Using gas water heaters can save more energy as well as it being green energy. It’s good for the environment and for society.”

Providing warm water whenever needed is difficult without a stable supply of power.

Cambodia has been facing this issue because of power outage. On the other hand, gas is green energy that costs three times less than electricity.

Shoichi Fukuda,an official representing the Rinnai Corporation, said, “Most hotels and apartments in Cambodia are using electric water heater system. There are power cuts because of too much electric consumption. I hope installing the gas water heater system reduces the electricity issues in Cambodia and people can enjoy hot water without any worry.”

Hospitality related industries are especially eager to find solutions for saving energy and cost. Installing Rinnai products means a good solution to all these problems.

The Sokhalay Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap has installed Rinnai gas water heater systems. The hotel, located in a popular tourist location, serves to many foreign guests.

Chhay Seila, General Manager, Sokhalay Angkor, said, “The strong point of installing Rinnai products is that we can save 50 per cent of the cost of heating water. We were looking for a company that can help Sokhalay hotel in reducing expenses. That is why we chose Rinnai.”

The use of Japanese products contributes to saving energy in Cambodia and supports creating comfortable environment leading to people’s satisfaction.

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