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Architect’s Elephant-shaped Hedges Helps UK Charity

London-based architect Tim Bushe has found a novel way to attract funds for charity that is looking after his ailing sister and others.

He has been shaping hedges in Finsbury Park in the form of elephants which attracted the attention of journalist Rhalou Allerhand, who posted pictures and wrote on Twitter, “The world has gone to shit but it’s OK because someone has done this to their hedge in Finsbury Park.”

Bushe, is raising funds for the Charity Hft, which looks after people with learning difficulties, through ongoing topiary projects in public spaces.

“I am raising money for Hft through an ongoing topiary project in public spaces that engage local communites and create an amusing talking point,” the architect wrote on his JustGiving Page where online donations are collected.

“For many years Hft have looked after my youngest sister Martha who has Downs Sydrome. She is wonderfully happy in a safe and secure community of people with similar disabilities,” Bushe added.

Journalist Allerhand also appealed to “donate a quid or two” for “great cause.”

“If you love the elephant hedges please donate a quid or two, the @HedgecutterMan is raising funds for charity and it’s a really great cause,” she tweeted.

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