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Kim Jong-un Condoles Death of bus Accident Victims

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un visited the Chinese embassy at Pyongyang to express his condolences for the people killed in a bus accident at North Korea on Monday.

32 Chinese tourists were killed and two injured after a bus traveling from Kaesong to Pyongyang fell from a bridge in North Korea, as reported by CNN.

Further four North Korean citizens were also killed in the accident.

A team of rescue vehicles and doctors were rushed to the location to bring the situation under control.

Kim Jong-Un also met the injured at the hospital and sympathised with the families of the deceased.

Chinese President Xi Jinping assured of all the possible efforts to be taken to save the lives of two Chinese tourists who were injured in the accident.

China’s state-run news agency Xinhua said President Xi asked the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on Monday to use “all necessary means.”

Earlier on Monday China’s embassy official in North Korea also visited the location to take stock of the situation.

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