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13 More Children Dead in Uttar Pradesh, CM Adityanath Asks Protestors Not To Stage ‘Drama’
In another incident of serious lapse from the part of government and railways, 13 more school children died in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh on Thursday morning (April 26, 2018). Subsequent social media and news said that Chief Minister (CM) Adityanath asked the protesting crowd not to ‘stop this drama’ (stop this nautangi) when he was questioned regarding the incident.
Thursday’s incident happened when a school van carrying the children was run over by a train at an unmanned (hereafter unpersoned) railway crossing gate 45 near Dudhi station in Banaras division in Kushinagar. There were around 25 school children in the van and all of them were on their way to the school when the accident happened.
The unpersonned crossing at Behpurva had a ‘Gate Friend,’ (Gate Mitra) a person who alerts people about approaching trains at unmanned crossings, who reportedly asked the van driver to stop but the van was already on the rails when the train struck them. Congress MLA Ajay Kumar said that continuous demands for a manned railway crossing were ignored.
As Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath reached the accident site to talk to the protesters, hundreds of people gathered to demand more compensation and swift action. When they raised slogans, Adityanath asked them to stop doing it. When he saw that they were unrelenting, he asked them, over the megaphone, to stop the drama.
This is the second incident under Chief Minister (CM) Adityanath that is drawing attention to the great irresponsibility in handling public health services. Gorakhpur Baba Raghav Das Medical college, a state run hospital has been reporting alarming rates of child deaths over the years.
A particular incident in August, 2017 caught media attention when more than 30 children died in a span of 48 hours in the hospital.. The reason was that the company had stopped the supply of oxygen to the hospital because the government had failed to pay the dues even after repeated notices.

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