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AMU Attack by Hindu Yuva Vahini, UoH Students Extend Solidarity

In the wake of unforeseen attack against the students of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) by the Hindu right wing goons, a group of students from University of Hyderabad (UoH) under the banner of three organisations- ASA (Ambedkar Students Association), MSF (Muslim Students Federation), and SIO (Students Islamic Organisation) called for a protest march extending solidarity to the attacked students. The protest gathering happened yesterday night (May 3, 2018) at Velivada. Muhammed Ashique, Joint Secretary of UoH students Union, Irfan Ali of SIO and Noor Alam of ASA addressed the gathering.

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It was on Wednesday afternoon (May 2, 2018) that around 30 armed terror activists of Hindu Yuva Vahini entered Aligarh Muslim University Campus with the backing of police and violently demanded that the portrait of Jinnah that is hanging on the walls of Students Union office for the past 80 years be taken down. The attack resulted in more than 65 students being injured.

“Disloyalty was always associated with us. The eagerness of organised political groups, academia or intelligentsia of this nation to demonise the founding father of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah is coming out of their basic insecurity. They cannot survive without this hate. That hate-mongering against Pakistan is directed against the Muslims living in India” said Muhammed Aashique, Joint Secretary of UoH students Union, at the gathering.

The speakers said that these incidents of witch hunting by Hindutva forces are directed particularly against universities that are offering some sort of resistance in the present situation. Explaining further on the incident, Irfan said, ‘The position of Aligarh Muslim University, the students there, are quite different from many of the other universities. There is a potential of organisational activity and Muslim politics from such a campus,’ he said.

He also said that there is normalisation of what happened at AMU when it is actually quite abnormal. He said it was ‘because we have been lynched, we have been raped, we have been murdered. There is no legal system to put all these atrocities into a trial,’ he said. He also added that these incidents are indications of a major theme that the Hindutva forces are putting up.

Irfan also pointed to the importance of sensitizing people and coming together. ‘Everyone is scared of one another and there are also many misconceptions. This can be broken only when we start talking,’ he said.

The Students Union of UoH also come up with a statement extending solidarity to the protesting students of AMU. “We regard these events that unfolded within the university as an attempt to malign and slander AMU as a Muslim educational institution, whose constitutionally granted Minority Status is threatened by the recent Allahabad High Court verdict backed up by the NDA government” read the statement.

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