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California Walnut Commission Hosts Festival in Bengaluru

California Walnut Commission in association with Smoor hosted its first ever California Walnut Festival in Bengaluru today. Addressing the gathering were Kanchan Achpal, Head of Marketing, Smoor and Chef Nikhil Naibagkar who shared their views on how walnuts have a flavor profile that pairs beautifully with a variety of seasonal foods.

Showcasing the usage and versatility of walnuts, Chef Nikhil Naibagkar curated an exciting Indo-Western fusion menu made exclusively with California Walnuts. The month-long festival will offer some delectable appetizers and lip-smacking walnut desserts such as Bruschetta with California walnuts pesto and vegetables, California walnuts and potato croquettes and Raspberry and lychee sundae with roasted California walnuts to the discerning consumers in Bangalore.

Pamela Graviet, Sr. Marketing Director, International at California Walnut Board and Commission said, “The California Walnut Festival is the city’s first edition of the walnut festival dedicated to creating an enriching experience for our guests. The idea is to highlight the usage and versatility of walnuts, showcasing them as a ‘go-to’ nut for cooking and snacking, befitting any meal or occasion. Not only are walnuts rich in plant-based omega 3 but also an excellent source of antioxidants and fiber, providing the ultimate nutrition your diet requires. We hope our esteemed guests will enjoy this delicious and healthy treat we have in store for them and will make walnuts a part of their daily diet plans.”

Kanchan Achpal, Head of Marketing, Smoor added, “Walnuts offer great taste and texture that holds up to a variety of flavour pairings. They can be served in any form – raw, toasted, candied or spiced – and incorporated into a variety of recipes. Considering the city’s growing demand for healthy snacking and finger food options, California walnuts are the ideal choice for fitness and food enthusiasts.”

Chef Nikhil Naibagkar who demonstrated homemade Ravioli stuffed with California walnuts and cottage cheese recipe at the event remarked, “California Walnuts are not only healthy but are also a wonderfully versatile ingredient to work with. It’s great to be able to offer customers unique flavors with a promise of health in every bite. We thoroughly enjoyed working with California walnuts and hope to add more variety to our existing offering.”

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