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You can now set Alexa as Default Voice Assistant on Android

Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant may be rival digital assistants. However, it causes no harm to the user if one replaces the other on a given device.

Until now, Google’s own Assistant dominated the Android devices as the default voice. It was only replaceable by Microsoft’s Cortana. However, it is now possible to set it to Amazon’s Alexa as well, Cnet reported.

To set Alexa as the default voice, you need to ensure that the updated Alexa app is installed on your device. From the phone’s settings menu, go to ‘Assist Apps’, and change the default selection to Alexa.

Although you can change the default voice assistant on Android devices, Alexa’s functionality is limited. For instance, Alexa won’t be able to show you maps or make calls.

Setting Alexa as default voice assistant is currently seen supporting Google Pixel 2, OnePlus 5, Samsung Galaxy S9, among other newer Android devices.

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