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13 Militants Killed in Afghanistan

At least thirteen Taliban militants have been killed during separate clashes which erupted in three northern provinces of Afghanistan in the last 24 hours, the country’s defense authorities have confirmed.

At least seven Taliban militants have been killed and four others have been wounded during a clash in Khanabad district in northern Kunduz province, reported Khaama Press, citing, the Afghan military, as saying.

One Taliban militant has been killed and two others wounded during a separate clash erupted in Suzma Qala district of northern Sar Pul province.

At least five militants have been killed and three others have been wounded during another clash that took place in Chahar Bolak district of northern Balkh province.

According to the report, some weapons, ammunition and other equipment to Taliban were also destroyed during the same operations.

No comments have been received from the anti-government armed militant groups including Taliban militants in connection with this report by far.

This comes in tandem with various ongoing counter-terrorism operations in certain northern provinces as the militant and terrorist groups are attempting to expand their insurgency activities in the north.

The US military based in Afghanistan also conduct regular airstrikes against the IS, Taliban, and other militant and terrorist groups.

The US forces conduct airstrikes by using unmanned aerial vehicles in the province to clamp down the militants, according to the reports.

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