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UK Ready to Invest in Artificial intelligence for Early Cancer Detection

Artificial intelligence or AI is already growing from predicting your shopping choices to aiding in larger industries including medicine. Now, the UK government has reportedly agreed to invest in the technology to spot cancer.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has committed millions of pounds in funding the research towards AI in helping diagnose cancer and such chronic diseases at an early stage, Engadget reported.

With the use of AI, the idea is not only to detect chronic ailments but also to reduce avoidable deaths.

As per estimates, early detection is estimated to save as many as 22,000 lives per year by 2033. This, in turn, will extend healthy living by another five years as of 2035.

However, in this whole process of detection and diagnosis, a lot of sensitive data will require to be handed over to the government body where a possible data breach is a concern.

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