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New Delhi:

Arunachal Youth Usher Hope for Delhi’s Underprivileged Kids

In today’s world of technology and continued competitions where people strive to excel in pursuance of success and happiness, not many of us notice the evil of haves and have-nots that bridge between the privilege and the poorer sections of the society. At the same time, many have shared the burdens of the society through various community services and philanthropy works.

Following the footsteps of many celebrated philanthropists across the world is a youth from Arunachal Pradesh, Jambay Gyaltsen Chetan, who’s been striving to build-up hopes and brings change through sports for the underprivileged children here in New Delhi.

Hailing from Thembang heritage village of Dirang district, Chetan has been training the sons and daughters of domestic workers, drivers and security guards in Defence Colony, in badminton free of cost since 2013. A self-trained in the sports discipline, Chetan also provides free sporting equipments including racquets to the children.

“It wasn’t something I planned for. It happened accidentally I would say. I needed to play as an exercise as it is my hobby and I was looking for a place and ended up here. Henceforth, I met few kids from the underprivileged background here and they also wanted to play but they did not have the facility and knowledge. So, I started helping them and slowly the number grew. And pretty soon, it ended up with 40 kids without even knowing that I became their coach,” said Jambay Gyaltsen Chetan.

Initially, he started the programme with one of his friends with an aim to empower the children and share happiness through sports. Though his friend stopped gradually, Chetan continues the mission and single-handedly, he now runs the programme by giving free badminton classes to children seven days a week from 5 pm to 8 pm in the evening at Swapna Vatika Park in Defence Colony here.

When enquired about maintaining a balance in life between his profession and the community programme, the beaming Chetan said, “When you really want to do something, you somehow find the time. And this programme has become a purpose for me, it gives me satisfaction and a meaning to my life. That is the reason, I am still continuing. I somehow find times always and in fact, if needed, sometimes I had to sacrifice my own personal meetings with friends and family. But I don’t regret because I know I am doing something for the benefit of others.”

A businessman by profession, Chetan currently teaches 40 children, mostly below the age of 15. And besides the free badminton training, Chetan is also striving for overall personality development of the children through communication classes and general knowledge studies during the weekend.

However, for Chetan, the journey towards the current stage was not at all a bed of roses as initially, he faced resistance from locals as well as from his friends and family. But in due course, with the result shown by the children, he has gained trust from the locals and the obstacles he faced have become an opportunity for his mission and they (residents) are now the biggest supporters and strength for Chetan.

Like the other local residents, Dr. Mira Singh who had been closely following Chetan’s programme from the initial stage couldn’t stop praising him, “I wish there were more youths, young role-models like him coming all the way from northeast and not spending time with his family and spending eight months here, all free of cost. And these children have blossomed in last five years and this programme has given them a sense of responsibility and discipline. Sports is a great level even economically because once you are playing, you are only judged by your game.”

For the children and the guardians, Chetan is like a God-sent angel as he continues to dedicate his time for their kids and show them the path towards leading a disciplined life.

“We belong to different culture and religion but sports has brought us all together as one. And this is all because of coach Chetan, he has secure our future by giving us his priceless time and trained us in badminton. Even the local residents have been supporting this programme and donating us the free sporting kits. I am very thankful to all of them, “added Kunal Naik, a student.

For this selfless northeast youth, it was a decision worth the risk as his students have now started showing good result and brought laurels. As long as he is able and fit, Chetan hopes to continue the badminton programme and empower more underprivileged children.

He is indeed truly the embodiment of selfless mankind and his exemplary of the act of gift will inspire and motivate youths across the region.

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