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Top 5 Fitness Equipment you can buy on EMI

 Wednesday, May 23, 2018  |  No Comments

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New Delhi:

Top 5 Fitness Equipment you can buy on EMI

Fitness is a key to healthy living. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle and irregular eating habits, obesity has spread in the world like an epidemic. While eating right is the best way to keep fit, nothing can replace physical exercise.

If going to gym and fitness clubs intimidates you or if lack of time is not letting you join one, then buying a fitness equipment’s can be the best alternative to skipping physical exercise completely. The technologically advanced fitness gadgets and equipment not only help you to shed some calories but also motivate you to work out and stay fit.

Some fitness gadgets/equipment may seem out of your reach due to their high cost but do not let the financial crunch come in your way to fitness. With Bajaj Finserv EMI Network, you can buy your favorite fitness gadgets/equipment with the easy payment option.

Bajaj Finance Ltd., the lending arm Bajaj Finserv is offering attractive EMI financing option during their #FitForLife Fest. The fest will offer fitness and wellness products on no-cost EMI starting Rs. 500. Customers can simply walk into the nearest store and avail the finance option on Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

Let’s look at the top 5 fitness gadgets/equipment that you can buy on no-cost EMI by Bajaj Finserv in a bid to stay in shape.

Fitness Wristband

If running is your cup of tea, opt for a fitness band that will help you automatically track your heart rate and help you measure calorie burn all day. It also tracks all day activity like steps, distance and active minutes. Bajaj Finserv is offering fitness bands and smartwatches starting at Rs. 1,430/month

Fitness Cycle

Fitness Cycle is the best ways to break a sweat and get in shape within your doorsteps. These cycles help you to kill calories without exhausting or stressing your joints out. You can buy these cycle on EMI starting at Rs. 999 either with your EMI Network Card or by simply walking into the nearest store.


The treadmill is one of the simplest and best equipment that can be used by people of all workout levels. From beginners to professional runners, treadmill works best for everyone. Bajaj Finserv is offering treadmill at no cost EMI starting at Rs. 1,280.

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine gives you a fantastic upper body workout. It helps boost your cardiovascular system by increasing healthy blood circulation and strengthening cardiovascular muscles. You can avail EMI finance in only 3 minutes at a store near you.

Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical Trainers provide you with the benefit of a low-impact exercise. As it allows the workout for your upper as well as the lower body, it helps you to burn more calories in less time. Bajaj Finserv is offering these trainers at no cost EMI starting from Rs. 1,280.

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