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Long Island:

Trump Pledges to Take Down Violent Street Gang

United States President Donald Trump on Wednesday hosted a roundtable here, on immigration and the MS-13 gang, renewing his pledge to take out the violent street gang.

“Today on Long Island, we were all moved to be joined by families who have suffered unthinkable heartbreak at the hands of MS-13. I was truly honored to be joined again by the courageous families who were my guests at the State of the Union,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

He even lashed out at the Democrats for refusing to close loopholes.

“Crippling loopholes in our laws have enabled MS-13 gang members and other criminals to infiltrate our communities – and Democrats in Congress REFUSE to close these loopholes, including the disgraceful practice known as Catch-and-Release. Democrats must abandon their resistance,” Donald Trump wrote.

The MS-13 gang is reportedly responsible for 27 murders in the country.

This is the second time that Trump has traveled to the area to talk about MS-13.

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