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A collective formed by students and youth in Kerala have decided to raise their voice against the custodial deaths in Kerala. The collective was formed in the backdrop of a rise in custodial deaths in the state.

“Custodial killing has become an everyday story in Kerala. If we are to believe the news, around 16 deaths have happened within the span of two years of the left government. And the situation is such that it is being normalised. It’s at this juncture that we decided to form a collective,” says Sreekanth, one of the organisers.

As a first step, the collective has planned a campaign which would kick-start at Varapuzha on June 10th.  “6 months into forming the government, over 4 people died in police custody. The number saw a steep rise, still, the authorities are not addressing the cause. All they managed to do is to negotiate providing the victim’s family with compensation in the form of money and government jobs. But is that enough,” asks CP Jishad, a member of this collective.

As far as the reports show, around 16 custodial deaths happened in Kerala within the two years of Pinaray Vijayan led LDF government. While the second-anniversary celebrations of the government are going on at the capital city, Trivandrum,  never have a government representative responded regarding these deaths or their failure in handling the Home ministry.

Interestingly, as per a recent RTI probe, over 1000 policemen of the state are undergoing investigation for criminal activities including custodial torture. The last reported death was of SR Sreejith, at Varapuzha.


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