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Chhattisgarh’s Jagargunda Village Gets Electricity After 13 Years

After living in the dark for 13 years, the electricity facility has reached Jagargunda village in Chhattisgarh.

The Jagargunda village where electricity facility has been restored falls under the naxal-affected district of Dantewada.

The village has a total population of approximately 898 people and there are about 199 houses in the village.

Reportedly on May 26, Leisang village in Manipur has become the last village of the country to be added to the national power grid.

On May 29, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter and said, “28th April 2018 will be remembered as a historic day in the development journey of India. Yesterday, we fulfilled a commitment due to which the lives of several Indians will be transformed forever! I am delighted that every single village of India now has access to electricity.”

Recently, a remote tribal village in Amravati’s Bulumgavhan in Maharashtra was electrified after 70 years of independence.

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