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US Reports Several Violent Attacks Against Rohingyas Across Myanmar

Regular incidents of violent attacks have been reported against Rohingya Muslims throughout Myanmar in 2017.

As reported by the Anadolu Agency, United States International Religious Freedom Report 2017 was released on Tuesday as per which ethnic Rohingyas residing in Myanmar have faced religious discrimination.

“Violence, discrimination, and harassment against ethnic Rohingya, who are nearly all Muslim, and other minority populations continued,” said the annual US State Department report.

Ambassador Sam Brownback, who prepared the report, told a press briefing that “I don’t think you’ve seen progress taking place there in the country (Myanmar)”.

He further noted that the arrival of rainy season would invite multiple hardships for migrant Rohingyas who will be forced to move.

The report documented incidents of mass gang rapes, killings of infants and young children, and abduction of citizens.

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