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Electoral ink, an indelible stain is a semi-permanent dye that is applied to the forefinger of voters during Indian elections in order to prevent electoral fraud such as double voting.

As the results of ByPoll (Mid-term) Elections, in the recent 4 Lok Sabha and 11 Assembly elections started to emerge, It became evident that BJP was in for an unprecedented defeat. BJP only managed to retain Palghar Lok Sabha seat in Maharashtra and the Tharali Assembly seat in Uttarakhand.

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The recent trend in the by-poll seems like a major setback to the ruling party in the wake of upcoming Indian general elections in 2019. The election results on Thursday, showed the opposition parties winning 11 out of the 14 seats. It points towards a possible beginning to an end of the much marketed ‘Modi-wave’.

Of the two seats BJP won, In Palghar Lok Sabha seat in Maharashtra, the contest was between BJP and Shiv Sena, where BJP maintained its seat. The other seat BJP barely managed was the Tharali assembly seat in Uttarakhand. In all the four Lok Sabha seats to which elections were held, there was a tie between the ruling front NDA and the opposition. The Nagaland seat was retained by NDPP, an NDA partner.

Out of all the results, Kairana was a rude shock for NDA. Tabassum Hasan (48) defeated her nearest BJP rival Mriganka Singh by a huge margin of 44,600 votes. Tabassam was a Rashtriya Lok Dal candidate and was ‘unofficially’ supported by the Samajwadi Party, the Congress and the Bahujan Samaj Party.

While responding to media, Tabassum said, “Kairana me hi BJP ko dafan karna” (We had to bury BJP in Kairana). What we witnessed in Kairana is a combination of Jat votes from RLD, OBC votes of SP, and Dalit votes of BSP outsmarting the Hindutva vote bank. These encouraging results have been a shot in the arm for the strategy makers in the opposition parties and turning out to be a major headache for BJP.

An overall picture of the by-poll is as follows:

  • Alwar, Rajasthan: Previously with BJP, won by Congress.
  • Ajmer, Rajasthan: Previously with BJP, won by Congress.
  • Uluberia, West Bengal: Retained by TMC.
  • Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh: Previously with BJP, won by SP.
  • Phulpur, Uttar Pradesh: Previously with BJP, won by SP.
  • Araria, Bihar: Retained by RJD.
  • Kairana, Uttar Pradesh: Previously with BJP, won by RLD.
  • Palghar, Maharashtra: Retained by BJP.
  • Bhandara-Gondia, Maharahstra: Previously with BJP, won by NCP.
  • Nagaland, Nagaland: Previously with NPF, won by NDPP

BJP in denial of the defeat, Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh dismissed the results as, “For a massive leap, one always has to go two steps backward… We are going to take a massive leap.”

Recently, after the dramatic finish of the Karnataka assembly elections, during the swearing-in ceremony of the now Cheif Minister HD Kumaraswamy, the opposition parties, who were at loggerheads with each other for decades, came together and displayed a massive show of strength and unity thus sending alarm bells to the BJP quarters. ‘Keep the BJP out at any cost’ seems to be the winning mantra.

Until recently, with the faulty EVM, the demonetisations, corruption scandals, and winning elections continuously, BJP seemed to have it all in the Indian political landscape. Now, it seems like the tide is finally turning.

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