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Renowned Indian Journalist Leela Menon Passes Away (Image Credit: Facebook)

A distinguished voice in Indian journalism, Leela Menon died on Sunday. She was 86. She has been suffering from various ailments for a long time and breathed her last in Signature old age home, Kochi. Her body will be kept for public viewing at the Ernakulam Town Hall from 10 a.m to 12 noon before being cremated at Ravipuram Cemetry.

She was a pioneering woman journalist who drew out her own path as she went. Many of her reports attracted a huge amount of attention and recognition. Leela Menon, who was currently the chief editor of  Janmabhumi, began her journalistic career with The Indian Express in Delhi in 1978. After working there for 22 years, she started writing columns for The Hindu, Outlook, and Madhyamam.

Leela Menon was born in Vengola, near Perumbavoor in Ernakulam district. She attended Vengola Primary School, Perumbavoor boys School, and Hyderabad Nizam college. She later became the first female telegraphist in India and worked there till 1978.

Leela Menon battled hard with cancer and was able to stage a full recovery. However, in the last two years, she had been suffering from diabetes, hypertension, and breathlessness. Her autobiography is ‘Nilaykatha symphony‘ in which she shared her experiences and hardships as a journalist and her journey with cancer.











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