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First-ever Evidence of Bronze Age Chariots Found in UP

For the first time ever, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has unearthed the remains of a chariot and other antique items that dates back to ‘Bronze Age’ (2000-1800 BC), in Uttar Pradesh’s Sinauli village.

“It is shocking to find such antique from the ancient civilization in this area. Many royal tombs have also been found during excavation. Whatever has been found so far seems to be 4,000 years old which is approximately 2000-1800 BC,” ASI officials said.

“The evidences of graves and tombs have been found so far for the first time, while old tombs are kept in the casket,” officials added.

Meanwhile, ASI official Dr. Manjul said it is the first case where an entire chariot has been found.

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