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Safer Train Rides for Women With Subhadra Vahini

In a unique initiative to give a boost to women security, the Visakhapatnam railway station of Waltair Division, East Coast Railway, has launched an all-female group of railway personnel, named Subhadra Vahini, who will assist lady passengers subjected to inconveniences.

Started on Monday, Subhadra Vahini is a group of 32 railway personnel comprising 16 from the Railway Protection Force (RPF) and an equal number from the commercial wing of the division.

To get in touch with Subhadra Vahini, women can dial on the toll-free number 182.

On a similar note, Union Railways Minister Piyush Goyal on Monday told media that the safety of passengers is of utmost importance for the Railway Ministry.

“The mindset of people has changed towards the Railways during the tenure of the present government. Today, the Indian Railways is focusing on passenger safety and is putting its best foot forward to see how we can upgrade infrastructure to improvise and address the areas which affect the consumer directly,” Goyal said.

He also asserted that the government is investing in technology to ease up travelling.

“The Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches are being used to ensure the safety of passengers. We are also focusing on how to improve the productivity of our employers,” he added.

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