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India, Greece to Boost Economic Ties

India and Greece will strengthen the bilateral economic relationship by focusing on sectors like shipping, tourism, and agriculture confirmed an official from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

“Wide range of issues has been discussed during President’s visit. Special emphasis is being given to economic issues. We will focus on sectors like shipping, tourism, and agriculture to strengthen our economic relations,” MEA Joint Secretary (Central Europe) Subrata Bhattacharjee said on Monday on President Kovind’s visit to Greece.

President Kovind, who is on a three-nation, nine-day visit, arrived in Athens, the capital city of Greece on Saturday.

Echoing a similar sentiment, India’s Ambassador to Greece Shamma Jain dwelled on as to how Greece, at the moment, is recovering from a breakdown of its economy and is looking at nations which can invest here, adding that India holds great importance for Greece.

Jain also noted that it is after eleven years that an Indian president visited the European country.

Earlier in the day, President Kovind attended a business-level meeting in Athens.

In Greece, President Kovind had underscored on employment opportunities, Goods, and Services tax (GST), and Mudra scheme, digitisation among others.

“Greece has worked in fields of processing, shipping, food, and tech, in India which has created employment opportunities in the country,” President Kovind had said.

He further highlighted the major developments undertaken by India as it became the world’s fastest-growing economy, and the third largest market, while the World Economic Forum 2017 declared the Indian economy as the third most trusted in the world.

President Kovind mentioned the Goods and Services tax, and Mudra scheme, aimed at banking the unbanked, and digitisation.

He also mentioned the International Solar Alliance (ISA), an initiative by India to highlight the importance of solar energy. The ISA’s founding conference was held in March in New Delhi.

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