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Excise Department Official Killed in Udaipur

An excise department official was abducted and subsequently killed by unidentified assailants in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

The official has been identified as Yashwant Sharma.

He was travelling on a bus from Ahmedabad with his daughter and granddaughter when the incident happened.

The absconders kidnapped Sharma, his daughter, and granddaughter when their bus stopped at a station in Udaipur.

The absconders took all three of them towards Deeran Mangri, where they killed Sharma in the middle of the road and threw the dead body away.

However, they dropped the daughter and granddaughter a few kilometres away from the spot and escaped in a car which had a Gujarat number.

The police rushed to the spot immediately and sealed off the area.

Further investigation is underway.

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