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Tel Aviv:

Israel to Gift 100 Units of Digital Farming to Gujarat

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani met Netafim CEO Ran Maidan and discussed with him the potential of digital farming in Gujarat.

Netafim is an Israeli irrigation solutions providing firm.

Rupani is on a six-day-long visit to Israel with a high-level delegation.

Israel will gift 100 units of digital farming on an experimental basis in Gujarat. Rupani expressed his confidence that this digital farming gift of Israel will be a game changer in the agriculture sector of Gujarat and will be an important step to take Gujarat towards digital farming in the future.

Rupani and Maidan discussed how the technologies can be helpful to farmers in producing better and higher quality of crops, saving water, minimizing the input cost and maximizing output cost and also to improve the sustainability of farming.

After the meeting, Rupani said, “Digital Farming is the next revolution in the agriculture sector and digital solutions coupled with best agricultural practices will support and enhance the productivity of crops and thus resulting in doubling of the farmer’s income by 2022.”

Netafim is a global leader in providing with irrigational solutions for sustainable agriculture. This 53-year-old manufacturer of irrigation equipment produces drippers, dripper lines, sprinklers and micro-emitters along with various crops management technologies like crop management soft-wares, dosing systems and control and monitoring systems.

During the discussion, it was highlighted that subsurface irrigation for sugarcane crop allows precise application of water, nutrients and other agro- chemicals directly to the root zone of plants and has the potential of enhancing the production from 60 tons 160 tons in a sugarcane crop.

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