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‘Right to Walk’ for Hyderabad Citizens

A footpath encroachment drive was conducted in Hyderabad to clear the footpaths for citizens to avail their ‘Right to Walk’.

Talking to media, the Director of Vigilance Enforcement and Disaster Management, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Viswajeet said, “This drive is conducted to clear encroachments on footpaths. As for phase-1, we had identified 48 stretches all across the city and we have noticed that there are 4133 encroachments in this area’s footpaths. We have formed six special teams with equipment and these teams were given a three-day time period to clear all these encroachments.”

Vishwajeet further noted that 1024 structures were cleared on day one, 1371 on day two and 1724 structures on the final day.

“We have targeted permanent and semi-permanent structures on footpaths and we have been able to clear 4669 encroachments in three days,” he added.

However, the GHMC did not target moveable encroachments which include hawkers and vendors, since their livelihood depends on the business.

The drive, which is being supported by the government and citizens alike, will be continued to clear footpath encroachment, said Viswajeet.

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