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New Delhi:

Let us Celebrate World Chocolate Day

We eat them when we are sad. We eat them when we are happy. We eat them to celebrate or when we just need a break.

For all these reasons, people across the globe today are raising a toast to this rich brown sweet delight.

Celebrated annually on July 7 since 2009, World Chocolate Day marks the day when cocoa was introduced to Europe, back in 1550.

Here’s how the chocoholics are commemorating the day:

“What would I do without you chocolates. you are the ones who stay with me when I’m sad or happy. #WorldChocolateDay.” tweeted a user.

“Life is like chocolate box. each chocolate is like portion of life some are crunchy, some are nutty, some are soft but all are delicious. #WorldChocolateDay #chocolatelove,” wrote another.

“#WorldChocolateDay They are everyone’s #Love,” a chocolate lover tweeted.

“Today is World Chocolate Day, does that give me permission to eat chocolate all day??? #worldchocolateday”

“There’s always a reason, isn’t it? Enjoy everyone! ?? #Worldchocolateday #InternationalChocolateDay”

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