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Nal Jal Scheme to Provide Drinking Water in Every House, Says Chouhan

Every house will get tap water under Nal Jal Scheme, stated Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

“I promise every village will have drinking water through river Narmada. Our daughters will not have to get water from hand pumps anymore,” said Chief Minister Chouhan, at an event on Friday.

Chanting “Ghar Ghar Narmada, Har Har Narmada”, Chouhan further said that the scheme will benefit 60 lakh people, who will have direct access to clean water.

“60 lakh people will have access to clean drinking water by this year, under the Nal Jal scheme. We are installing pipelines in as many places as we can. Every village will have drinking water in their homes under this scheme. I will ensure it happens,” said Chouhan.

Chouhan also announced a Rs. 2,200 crore scheme for irrigation.

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