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IS Releases Picture of Baghdadi’s Slain son Brandishing Rifle

The Islamic State (IS) in Afghanistan and Pakistan released a picture of its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s son Hudhayfah al-Badri, who was killed in an operation in Syria earlier this month.

Taking to Twitter handle, a terrorism research group posted the image, showing al-Badri carrying a rifle.

“(CGI) #IslamicState supporter poster depicting Hudhayfah al-Badri, son of Abu Bakr #Baghdadi killed by #Russian military”

On July 3, the IS’s propaganda agency, Amaq, announced that al-Badri was killed by the Russian and Syrian military forces in an operation in Homs, according to several media reports.

Little is known about Al-Baghdadi, who has been reported killed or injured. However, he is widely believed to be alive.

Although the terror group has been driven out from major parts of Syria and Iraq, it still maintains a presence near the Iraqi-Syrian border.

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